Our Partners

AML solutions to mitigate financial crime risks. AI-driven negative news aligned to the latest FATF requirements.
Verify and onboard customers using Financial data, Biometric data, Government data, Telco data and Anti-Money Laundering data in Africa.
Identity verification solution for India and South-east Asia.
IDology offers real-time, on-demand identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for organizations operating in the financial world.
Verify, underwrite, and enable your customers to grow their businesses with Middesk's identity-as-a-service APIs.
North Data provides easily understandable European company information that is publicly available, obtained from various sources.
Identitypass offers authentic products to help you verify, gain deeper insights about users/businesses, and prevent fraud in real-time in Africa.
The largest open database of companies in the world
SentiLink is an identity verification technology company that helps in detecting and blocking synthetic identities.
Stop fraud before it happens with unbeatable speed, scale, depth, and breadth. Use real-time digital, social, phone, email, IP, and device data to make better risk decisions.
Verify users through Digital KYC Services, and perform background checks in under 60 seconds to prevent fraud and identity theft.
Fintech Marketplace APIs for identity verification in India and Middle East.
Smile Identity is the best onboarding, identity verification, user authentication, and digital KYC service for Africa.
Know your customer identity in Latin America and be able to onboard, retain, and recover them.
AI-powered identity verification solution for identity fraud prevention, Know Your Customer compliance, and fast conversions of valuable customers with Veriff.
Vouched is award-winning global identity verification, KYC and AML software. Vouched is a faster, easier and more accurate way to verify customers anywhere.
Zumigo is the leading provider of authoritative mobile identity and location information to seamlessly verify authentic users.
Resistant AI dramatically reduces false positives and detects advanced fraud and manipulation.
AsiaVerify conducts real-time company checks, UBO, KYB and KYC by establishing direct connections with the business registries in Asia
Monnai delivers transformative consumer insights infrastructure that enables businesses to navigate the four key pillars of the customer lifecycle: KYC, trust & fraud risk, credit decisioning, and collections.