Introducing Deep Website Insights for KYB

By AiPrise
15, Apr 2024
4 min read
Today, We're thrilled to introduce Deep Website Insights for seller/merchant verification. This feature empowers our customers to effortlessly gather over 20 compliance and fraud data points about each business within seconds.

Website Analysis is still manual

KYB is a multi-layered process. Companies delve deeper than basic Know Your Business (KYB) to ascertain if a business is not only compliant but also legitimate, and not involved in any risky industries. Websites serve as the primary gateway to understanding a business, so compliance analysts spend hours each month scrutinizing them to ensure they accurately represent the business's activities.

Following are some data points which can be helpful for risk assessment

  • Business activity (NAICS or SIC codes) from content of the website
  • Social media presence
  • Business address
  • Contact information
  • Online reviews
  • Terms and conditions on the website
  • Website traffic patterns
  • Website domain registration
  • Historical screenshots

Using AI and data for compliance

The AiPrise website analysis automatically collects all the diligence information about a business within seconds and provides you with a decision on whether to trust that business or not. If you currently spend time navigating through multiple website pages, LinkedIn profiles, and Trustpilot scores, this will save you time and effort.

We leverage website analysis profile from partners like Truebiz and use AI to assist you in streamlining repetitive tasks.

How does this work?

  • Provide Aiprise with a website
  • AiPrise gets data like online reviews, contact information etc.
  • AiPrise gives you a final decision on the business’s website.

Automate your KYB

AiPrise is a full-featured KYB solution. Our multi-layered approach of KYB will get you information like registration information, UBO data, document verification and complement that with qualitative information like website analysis, phone number and email check.

Contact today to streamline your KYB.